Monday, June 27, 2011

Make Learning a Game

Motivation has been a huge problem with my 4-year-old lately, especially when it comes to learning writing skills. She has the tendency to use the words "I can't" too much without even trying. After a few weeks of wanting to bash my head against a wall, I came up with a solution. Turn learning into a game! Two pieces of paper and a Sharpie later and I had the "Lizzie Learns her Numbers" game. Yep, it did the trick.

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I drew a board game form and started filling in the squares with the skills I wanted her to work on - writing her numbers. I also included fun games and activities designed to help her with her numbers. Most of the activities on the game were pulled from Math Play! by Diane McGowan and Mark Schrooten. (This is a wonderful resource for fun math activities for ages 2 to 6.) She has to complete a square to earn a sticker and move on to the next. Every 4 to 5 squares also has a special prize that she'll earn. When she completes the entire board, she will earn a grand prize. 

In order to make the flip up squares, I cut around 3 sides of one of the squares. I then glued an extra piece of paper to the back of the game, that way, when she flipped up the square, I had room to write underneath it. Simple!

I'm sure you're wondering what sort of prizes she's earning through this game. I've filled it with fun activities such as making cookies, a trip to the park and finger painting. I tried to come up with things that would be a treat, yet wouldn't cost me money. The grand prize will be a trip to a nature center. 

So far, the game is working to motivate her. Her "I can't's" are gone and she's actually eager to learn to write. So, if you're having a problem motivating your little one, turn it into a game!


  1. What a great idea! I love this and have also found that disguising learning as games, puzzles, art, etc. makes it so much less painful for the kiddos (and us too, since they're so much more cooperative!). Stop by my site sometime (!

  2. This is such a neat idea! I'm pretty sure it can be used for many different things to! My boys have the "I can't's" but its more with things like cleaning there room! lol

    Love your blog, thank you =)

  3. That was an awesome idea! I love it!
    New follower from the sit and relax hop. Hop you can stop by my place sometime. :)

  4. What a great idea!!! I love it. Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop! I'll see you next weekend!

  5. Such a wonderful idea! I really enjoyed your blog. I found you via The Epic Adventure. I blog about homeschooling & Aspergers & crafts, though admittedly I am not able to get it all in the blog like I would like to..

  6. Such a great idea! I've been thinking about this exact thing but haven't been able to implement it. Thinking about creating a board game seemed complicated and I didn't know exactly where to start. I usually make things more complicated then they should be. Thanks for sharing your ideas and making it easy.


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