Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sea Creatures

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If you're anything like me, it can sometimes be difficult to think up fun craft projects for your kids. Luckily, lots of wonderfully creative people have done the work for us. Lizzie and I ran across Cut and Paste Sea Creatures at our local library and we've all been having fun with it.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. For my girls, I pre-cut all the shapes we needed. Lizzie was able to piece them together according to the pictures while I helped AJ. An older child would need very little, if any, parental help. The projects are simple and it's very likely you'll already have all the materials you need to complete the projects. 
Here are the results of our fun!

(Please ignore the messy kitchen!)

The next time you're at the library, check out the craft book section. You'll definitely find some fun activities to do!


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