Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Classic Stories: Fun With The Three Little Pigs

My oldest has been obsessed with the story of the Three Little Pigs lately. The version she's holding, by James Marshall, is especially popular in our house. The story is well-told and humorous and the pictures are classic Marshall. 

We've read it enough that she knows the book by memory, If you listen outside her room at night, you can hear her reciting the story before she falls asleep. She loves it. This obsession has made me realize that these classic stories are perfect for learning and fun.

So, how else can you use the story? For the preschool or younger set, you can:

- Build the houses and try to blow them down! Make paper "straws" for the straw house; it should blow down easily. Get out the wooden blocks for the stick house; again, it should blow down easily. Finally, get out the Legos for the brick house. No matter how much you huff and puff, it won't come down!
- Practice dramatic play. The story is easily told and most preschoolers would have a blast playing the different parts. You won't even need costumes!
- Create! Get out the play dough or construction paper and get to work. Make the pigs, make the houses, make the wolf.

If you have older children, you can:

- Challenge them to retell the story with other characters. How would the story be different if it were about the Three Little Bunnies or the Three Little Turtles?
- Make a comic book! Draw a large grid on paper, then draw the story out into the squares comic-book style.

Check out the library or any book store, you're sure to find a great version of the story. You can find the above version, by James Marshall, here at Amazon (and yes, I am a member of Amazon Affiliates).

Read the story and let your imagination run wild! Have fun!


  1. Ahhhh The classics. That and nursery rhymes are so overlooked these days. Thank you for sharing it with us on The Sunday Showcase!


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