Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Preschool Corner

Tucked between our couch and the wall is our little preschool corner. Other than the girls' bedrooms, we don't have a dedicated room for them. In the past (very recent past), their toys and books were taking over the living room and family room. I've been trying to tame it by making small spaces for their stuff. This is one of the spaces I created. This is the corner where we do all of our preschool activities. I keep small activities here that they can grab and work on whenever they feel like it. I also strung some twine along the banister where we can display some of their artwork.

Next to this area is our weather chart and a basket where we keep books related to the topic we're working on. Can you tell we just finished up ice cream week? The basket is now full of books about cats and dogs. The girls enjoy this space and now we're starting to work on our next challenge related to it... cleaning up after ourselves!!

Do you have any dedicated kid's spaces in your house?

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