Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Sunflower Playhouse

One of our ongoing projects this summer has been a sunflower playhouse. We dug up one corner of our fenced-in backyard and planted both sunflower and bean plants. We then defined the area with a border of river rocks. The end goal is to have a fun and natural outdoor playhouse for the girls. It's not much to look at... yet. But, the sunflowers are getting bigger and bigger and now we're starting to see flower buds.

Most of the flowers are AJ's height. But, at least one is almost Lizzie's height!

If the sunflowers are exciting enough yet, we always have rocks to play with!

The walls of our playhouse are getting taller and taller everyday. I think I'm about as eager as the girls are to see the sunflowers start blooming. But, until then, we have plenty to play with and explore in that corner of our yard.

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