Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy...

Call me insane. Call me indulgent. But, here they are, the new members of our family... all thirteen of them. My husband called me earlier in the day to see if we wanted some goldfish a co-worker was giving away. Sure, I thought. The girls would love it. And, they do! I don't mind it so much myself... although you may want to ask me that again when I'm cleaning the tank for the first time!

We sat around at dinner and came up with names for all. Each girl has a goldfish named after them. The others are Charlie (named after our dog), Dorothy, Elmo, Dreamsicle, Popsicle, Airhead, Ariel, Bubble Guppy, Sponge Bob (my husband named this one, the girls hate the show!), Lady and Daisy.

This ought to be an adventure!

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