Monday, August 8, 2011

I Love Dirt: Zoom In and Get Up Close

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After hearing so many good things about I Love Dirt!: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature by Jennifer Ward, I knew I had to track down a copy. The book promises 52 activities to help you and your kids discover the wonders of nature. The activities are divided by season and are simple and effective. I found several ideas for the girls and I to do and was very interested in the winter section since that's the time of year I avoid being outside as much as possible. I need all the help I can get when it comes to outdoor play in wintertime!

We took a cue from chapter 29, Zoom In, and took our magnifying glass outside. We headed to our sunflowers to take a look around.

I encouraged Lizzie to look all around to see if she discovered anything. I had also given her a small notebook and crayons so she could draw some of the different things she found.

She had a lot of fun looking at everything up close and was quite excited when she discovered a group of tiny ants crawling up the stalk. It was wonderful to see her excitement since she's always been terrified of insects! Whenever she found something that really interested her, she sat down and tried her hand at drawing it. She was quite the little explorer and moved on to other areas of our yard once she was finished with the sunflowers.

If you need a push outside or just some new ideas for studying nature, pick up a copy of I Love Dirt!: 52 Activities to Help You and Your Kids Discover the Wonders of Nature. It's a wonderful book of ideas.

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  1. Sounds like a great book, I will have to try and get a copy! I love the idea of taking a magnifying glass outside :-)


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