Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Ode to Bare Feet

My girls don't like to wear shoes... especially not in the summertime. Oh, they know when they have to wear them and don't complain when we're out and about. But, at home... nope, no shoes whatsoever.

We always put on shoes on the way out the door, but within five minutes of being outside, Lizzie's shoes are off. Soon after, AJ comes asking for help to get her's off. Apparently, shoes are not allowed in the sandbox (or the grass or anywhere else in the backyard)!

I really can't blame them, because it is nice to feel the sand beneath your toes. And the soft grass feels oh so nice between the toes. They come by this tendency naturally. Ask my Mom, I never wore shoes either. I don't even wear them much now... after all, the girls aren't the only ones kicking their shoes off outside.

I just didn't take a picture of my feet, because mine aren't nearly so cute!

Do your kids like to go barefoot outside?


  1. Oh, I agree, baby feet are so sweet. We love to be barefoot!

  2. love your barefoot pics! too cute- I pretty much only wear flip flops- really- just about year round (southwest florida) I can almost get away with it!

    following you via facebook and google connect!


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