Friday, August 12, 2011

Pond in a Box

To go along with our pond theme this week, I decided to make a pretend play opportunity for the girls, a pond in a box.

It can fold up and fit nicely in a shoe box, hence the "in the box" part, so it's not out cluttering our floors all the time.

I was able to make the entire pond with items I found around the house. Nothing too difficult!

It's been fun to experience a bit of pond life here in our own home.

To make the actual pond, I cut up an old blue pillowcase that was in the recycling pile.

I used pinking shears to cut so I wouldn't have to sew anything or worry about it unraveling.

The frogs were living in our water table, so I just borrowed them for awhile.

I cut the lily pads and flowers out of pieces of foam we had in our craft supplies. 

The log was created from a toilet paper roll. I cut a strip off the bottom, folded and glued it on top, to make a little branch. Easy-peasy.

The turtle was made from an egg carton and scraps of foam from the lily pads. I cut individual pieces from the egg carton, then cut the head, legs & tail from the foam scraps. I had to use hot glue to get the foam to stick to the egg carton.

I then added several rocks and voila, a pond! It didn't even take too much time to pull this together.

You could also add sticks, pine cones or any other fun nature finds to make it seem even more like a pond.

I did make all the pieces myself, due to the ages of my girls, but an older child would be able to easily make all the pieces of the pond. 

It's been fun to see what stories develop. We discovered that frog love the inside of toilet paper logs and also that frogs do not like to let turtles sit on their beloved lily pads!

Make your own pond and have fun!


  1. very creative but so cute! I like how portable it is. Seems like it would make a good travel toy.

  2. CUTE! I don't think I would've ever thought of using a toilet paper roll as a log..ha! Thanks!

  3. Those little turtles are adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. This is so great! It is the perfect solution for having a fun interactive sensory box, minus the cluttery mess! I featured this post over on my blog today!



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