Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's a sunny day, the kids are freshly bathed after a mud pie baking session, and you need to cook dinner.

So what do you do?

Grab a bucket of tissue paper scraps, a roll of contact paper, and some painter's tape. It's time to make suncatchers!
The process was easy.

I taped up a couple of squares of contact paper to our patio window and told the girls to cover all the sticky bits with the tissue paper.

After that, they started working.

They were quite deliberate at times and others times they just started randomly sticking tissue paper. This was one of those projects that needed very little supervision, so I got to sit back and enjoy watching the process. (Oh, and cook dinner too!)

Once they were finished, I covered their handiwork with another square of contact paper. and we hung them back up on the window.
The results were quite colorful and very pretty! And now we still have a bucket full of tissue paper... I need to think of some more craft projects!
P.S. You can find another fun version of this at Mamma May I Blog... tissue paper fish!

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  1. Love these... we are definitely going to have a go at this again when summer rolls around down here!


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