Monday, September 5, 2011

Coffee Filter Butterflies

This week is going to be all about art! I have tons of projects for us to do and we're going to create, create, create.

Our first project was coffee filter butterflies. My original inspiration came from this post by Naturally Educational (although I know I've seen many other wonderful versions.)

We started out with stretched-out coffee filters (ours were the unbleached kind) and our watercolors.

Then the girls painted, blobbed on paint, and painted some more. Finally, they were done. And.... we had to wait.

After the filters dried, which did take awhile since they got their filters quite wet, we gathered the filter in the middle and fanned out the two ends. We twisted the pipe cleaner around the middle, twisted some more, then formed the antennae.

Ta-da... coffee filter butterflies!

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