Friday, September 2, 2011

Japanese Garden Trip

I was very delighted to find a small Japanese garden close to home. It was the perfect field trip for our Japan theme week.

We talked a bit about the garden before we got there. I wanted the girls to understand that it was not a place to go running and yelling through.

They understood quite well and seemed to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the garden.

It was a small garden, with a few hidden delights scattered throughout. The garden was hidden away and we were the only people there that afternoon. It was a lovely, peaceful time.

I encouraged Lizzie to bring her camera along. She loved taking pictures of the hidden treasures along the way. She was especially delighted with this fountain.

The girls enjoyed seeing the garden and were very respectful of the space. (They also greatly enjoyed the playground trip afterwards so they could run, be loud and get all their energy out!) All in all it was a wonderful field trip!

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  1. What a beautiful place! Unlike my back yard - it looks like a train wreck:)


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