Friday, September 9, 2011

Sidewalk Painting

Today, we took our art outside!

The girls have been wanting to spend as much time outside as possible since the weather has been absolutely perfect.

I had planned on doing sidewalk painting during our art week anyways and this was the perfect day for it.

This is one of those projects that everyone is doing. Of course, everyone is doing it because it's tons of fun and easy to prepare too! I used this post by Pink and Green Momma for inspiration and to find out how to make the paint.

The combination that worked well for me was one part cornstarch to one part water. I was also very generous with the food coloring. Keep in mind when making sidewalk paint, it will dry lighter and will also look chalky, thanks to the cornstarch.

We had great fun and I wished I had brought a paint brush out for myself. The paint was just way too tempting!

We painted blobs and lines, circles and splotches. We learned that splatter painting was kind of cool and even made a few rainbows.

Our colors got all mixed up.

Yellow turned to lime green and blue turned to teal. Of course, that just added to the fun!

And when we were all done, we took the muffin tin full of the leftover paint (which actually wasn't much) and tossed the paint out onto the driveway. Splatter painting at its best!  

This project was fun, cheap and relatively easy to prepare. We're definitely going to do this again and again!


  1. This is wonderful. How long does the paint last?

  2. Very fun -- always looking for fun activities that don't waste materials and are cheap!! I'll be exploring your blog more... :)


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