Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Travel Activity Bags

As you're reading this post, I'm probably off on an epic road trip with my girls.

To say I'm a bit nervous is an understatement. I've never traveled this far alone with the two of them, so I've been preparing and preparing and preparing to make sure I have plenty of stuff to keep them occupied.

The girls are 4 and 2, so I tried to come up with activities that were mess-free and they could do without any help.

1. I recycled a few old greeting cards to make color-your-own finger puppets. Each girl will get two finger puppets and a box of crayons. Once they're done coloring, they can stick their fingers through the holes and have fun!

2. I found vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls that I could print myself. I printed them out on card stock and the dolls themselves have been reinforced with a double layer of card stock. Each girl will get one doll and three dresses.

3. I bought them each a clipboard and printed out A LOT of coloring sheets, dot-to-dots, tracing pages, etc. I plan on giving them a few at a time. I'm also bringing plain drawing paper as well. Most of the printables I'm using came from

4. I made three sets of mini notebooks. (I'll have a tutorial for you soon!) The first set is for stickers. I'll give each girl a sticker book and a selection of stickers.

5. I also made doodle books. Each page has some sort of shape, line or squiggle. I hope they'll use them to kick-start their own drawing. If not, maybe they'll at least color them pretty! 

6. The last set are little sketch books. I mixed up the paper is this one to make it a bit more interesting. In addition to the plain copy paper, I also added lined paper and pink paper.

I'm also bringing along a few books for them to read, audio books for all of us to listen to and a supply of movies, cause I have no qualms letting them watch movies the entire way if needed!

How do you keep your kids occupied on a long car trip?


  1. We played a game of I Spy. My son is really into semis -- so we each picked a color of semi and counted them along the roadtrip.

  2. Great site for travel games & activities:

  3. Love the finger puppet dolls! So adorable! Will definitely have to make those! Thank you for these ideas!


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