Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Window Art

Art doesn't have to always be confined to paper or even clay. After bookmarking this wonderful post by You'll Thank Me One Day and arming myself with the revolutionary idea that wet craft foam sticks to windows, I set the girls to work.

They each had a bowl of water, a paint brush and a bowl of craft foam shapes. The original concept was to paint the back of the shapes, then stick them on the window.

Well, evidently that wasn't a satisfactory way to do this. The girls immediately started painting the water directly on the window then sticking the pieces on. Well, that works too!

They stuck and stuck and stuck. They experimented a bit and learned that you can dip your shapes in water and they'll stick to the window as well. That was a revolutionary idea for these two! 

All in all, they loved this project.

I know they'll be asking to do it again and again and I'll pull out the bowl of foam shapes again and again.

After all, what's not to love. It's relatively mess free (other than wiping up water from the floor) and it kept little feet from getting underneath me while cooking dinner (loved that bonus feature).

The next time you need to spark a little bit of creativity, remember, wet foam sticks to glass!

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