Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feeding the Birds...

We had a beautiful autumn day yesterday and we decided it was the perfect day to tackle #19 on our Fall Bucket List, feed the birds.

Set up was easy. I put together a bowl of cereal and a couple of lengths of string.

I then tied one Cheerio to the end of each string so when the girls started stringing the cereal it wouldn't fall off the other end. 

We settled in and started stringing.

It's an easy task once you get started, so I took the opportunity to read a few of the Halloween books we found at the library while the girls were stringing.

Do you notice the dog paws? Charlie, the dog, decided to join us for this project. Not because he thought it looked fun, mind you, but because he loves Cheerios. LOVES Cheerios.

Don't despair, we did give him all the broken Cheerios... he was too cute not to!

When we were done, we took them outside and hung them on the branches of one of our little trees. I hope the birds love them!

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