Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun With a Circle...

We went outside with the intention of creating another driveway obstacle course.

But, this time, we only got as far as the circle... the one large circle. The girls started running and giggling and decided all they needed was a circle to have fun.

They ran the circle by themselves.

They chased each other around the circle.

They giggled.

They stopped to catch their breath and sometimes their balance.

They laughed and ran and laughed some more.

They even tried crawling the circle and jumping in and out of the circle. It was amazing how much fun they had with a simple chalk circle.

Other ways to use the circle:
Skip, tiptoe, march, etc. around the circle. 
Work on directional words (on top, below, beside, etc.)
Work on counting (run around the circle 2 times, etc.)
Play Follow the Leader... in a circle
Drive toy cars around the circle

What are some other ways you can use this simple chalk circle?


  1. So simple, but such great fun! Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor play link up!

  2. Kids see so much potential in the simplest things, don't they? Love when they make up their own games! This post is the perfect reminder of why kids really don't need gadgets and electronic toys at all.

    Thanks for sharing :-)


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