Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leaf Garland...

Remember the leaves we gathered on our leaf collecting trip?

After being pressed under heavy books for a few days, we got them out to do rubbings and turn them into a pretty fall garland.

I gathered the leaves, several sheets of our drawing paper, yarn and our recycled muffin tin crayons. (Crayons turned on their side with the wrappings off will also work well.)

We laid out the leaves, put the paper on top and started rubbing.

There's something so magical about seeing the shape and texture of the leaf appear, that I had to join in myself!

Once we used up all our paper, it was time to cut out all the leaf shapes.

Once they were cut, we made the garland.

It was a simple process. We just taped each leaf to the yarn. We turned the leaf to the backside, laid the yarn across the middle and applied a couple of pieces of tape. We left a spacing of a couple of inches between each leaf. 

In the end we had a beautiful fall garland to display with all of our Halloween decorations. It was simple and Lizzie enjoyed making something that turned out so beautiful.


  1. Your leaves look beautiful! I love how you displayed them in a new, creative way! We have enough papers displayed all over our walls =-)
    I would love for you to link up at

  2. I totally forgot about leaf rubbing but that is fantastic! So simple and from a science point of you shows leaf structure! Thanks for linking up!


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