Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preschool Corner

It's been awhile since I posted about our preschool corner. It's a small cubby and I place a variety of learning activities in it. Lizzie does not attend preschool so it's up to me to get her ready for kindergarten next year. I've been gathering and using quite a lengthy list of activities, so I thought I'd share a few that we've been working on lately.

1. Sorting - Lizzie loves to sort, so it's been a challenge for me to come up with ways for her to sort. This is a recent idea. I found clip art examples of different items that were hot or cold, punched them out and made two simple sorting mats. Her job is to decide if it's hot or cold. Lizzie is a whiz at this sort of activity, but she enjoys doing it, so we keep it up. 

3. Alphabet puzzle - I ran across this puzzle at the dollar section of a certain favorite big-box store. Lizzie is familiar with all of the capital letters, but still needs to work on her lowercase letters. I pull these about five letters at a time because she had grown tired of the entire puzzle. Dividing it into small pieces seemed to renew interest. 

4. Building words - We love our magnet letters and usually use them on an old cookie sheet. Lizzie is currently working on spelling names. She's learning her name, her sister's name, our dog's name and our cat's name. (Charlie is the dog, by the way!) I have all the letters in the basket so she has to dig through to find the letter she is looking for.

5.  Punching - I'll sometimes set out a fun punch, scraps of paper and a small basket to catch all of the little bits of paper. Lizzie and AJ both love to use the punches. They work on their fine-motor skills and learn about cleaning up after themselves.

6. Transferring - This is AJ's favorite activity, so it often shows up in our preschool corner. We do a lot of transfer work with puffballs. Sometimes we'll working on transferring from one container to another with tweezers or kitchen tongs. To make it more challenging, I found this mini ice cube tray and the girls have to put one puff ball in each hole.

These are just a few of the learning activities I have set out on a daily basis. When I have them set up and easily accessible, the girls will often go grab one and start working on them on their own. They love learning and I try to keep it fun for them at their young age.

Do you do preschool at home? Where do you find your ideas?


  1. I love this! I need to set up a 'corner' in my living room. My 3 year old would love transferring the puff balls, and she is just getting in to sorting so she would really benefit from some fun activities to practice. Thanks for the great ideas!

    From: Homeschooling, Our Way!

  2. Have you tried AJ on the hot and cold sorting? My son has just turned 2. He knows what physical objects are hot and cold (like coffee and ice-cream) so I was wondering if he might be able to do this sorting activity and was interested to know if your 2 year old had tried it.

  3. I did not try AJ with the hot & cold sorting, but she has done other sorting. I've tried color sorting with her as well as hard & soft sorting (using physical objects), she did well and I could tell that brain of hers was working.


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