Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

In case you ever wondered where my artsy/crafty side came from, I'd have to say I come by it naturally. My mom loves to come up with wonderful projects for the girls too!

When we were visiting my parents recently, my mom had everything needed for the girls to paint a few pumpkins. We took them outside, geared up for a mess and set the girls to painting.

The girls decided to paint a couple of masterpieces. They considered their colors, applied it meticulously and painted more carefully than I've ever seen them. They did not get a speck of paint on themselves or the newspapers!

In the end, we had a couple of beautiful pumpkins and the girls had a great time creating art with their Granny.


  1. That is just wonderful that your Mom takes the time to do things like that with your girls. I try to enjoy my grandchildren by taking part in their interests also.

    Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

  2. We love this Teri, we always paint our little pumpkins & then sometimes carve a big one!


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