Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Bucket List - Revisited

Now that Thanksgiving is almost here, it's time to look at our Fall Bucket List and see what we did and what we missed. 

I know Fall's not over quite yet, but now that the Holiday season is upon us, we'll be focusing more on Christmas and winter activities. 

1. Make apple pie playdough - This was the first thing we did and it was amazing.
5. Visit an apple orchard - We were never able to find the time to go this year. But, we did go to a pumpkin patch instead!
6. Make candy corn sugar cookies - Yet we had plenty of other sweets in our house, maybe that's why we never made the cookies.
7. Watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - We did this a few times!
9. Drink apple cider - Again, we didn't do this because we never went to the apple orchard.
16. Go acorn collecting - It took several attempts, but we did finally find a few!
18. Make crock pot apple sauce - This was yummy and the house smelled heavenly all day!
20. Make homemade Halloween cards

We did all but three items on our list and had lots of fun this Fall! I love having a bucket list each season and plan on making a winter one after the holidays are over.

So, you tell me, what should I put on our Winter Bucket List?

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  1. We came into the craft community too late to get our Fall Bucket List off the ground but next year we'll definitely do it! I like the chronicle in pictures! Such a good idea!


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