Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Farm Animal Charades

Things get a bit silly when you start imitating farm animals!

We played a game of farm animal charades recently and had a blast.

I found several clip art images of farm animals, then printed, laminated and cut them out. We borrowed a pot from the play kitchen and put all the pictures in.

The rules were simple. We took turns drawing a picture and then had to act like that animal while the others tried to guess.

Yes, the guessing part was easy, but pretending to be the animals was a whole lot of fun!

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We were chicken, horses, cows and sheep.

The concept was easy enough that AJ, at age 2, was able to play and understand.

Plus, she's a pro at animal sounds!

By far, the most popular animal was the rooster.

And yes, there was some rooting around in the pot to find the rooster card because who doesn't love saying "cock-a-doodle-doo" as loud as possible?

To round out the fun, we found a great book called Moo Who? by Margie Palatini. It's the hilarious story of a cow named Hilda Mae Heifer who gets knocked in the head with a cow pie and loses her moo. She talks to a series of different farm animals and tries out all of their sounds until she finally figures out that she does indeed moo. It's a fun book to read aloud and it encourages laughter and silliness.

Have fun!

P.S. Yes, Lizzie's fingernails are painted green! It was part of her witch costume for Halloween.


  1. What a FUN idea! I can see why your kids would love it! I wanted to invite you to come link up at TGIF Linky Party -
    Beth =-)

  2. What a fun idea! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase

  3. Can I share this post in my upcoming Ten for Tuesday post on hotel room boredom busters? I wanted to have charades on the list, so this post would be perfect. (I'll link back to you, of course). Jennifer Fischer from KBN.


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