Friday, November 18, 2011

Hand Print Turkey Cards

One the items on our Fall Bucket List that we hadn't completed yet was "make hand print turkeys." Since Thanksgiving is coming up soon, it was time to do them.

This craft was much more adult-led than the other projects we've been doing, but the girls enjoyed it nonetheless. The first item of business, was painting the girls' hands. Make sure you use washable paint! I did each girl one at a time since I had nightmares of colorful hand prints all over my walls.

Once the hands were painted, we pressed them on the paper. We were turning these into cards, so I had already pre-cut and pre-folded the paper. Once they were dry, we added beaks, eyes, legs, and grass.

The cards are two folded sheets of paper nestled inside each other - four pages total.  The turkeys got progressively small with the first being Lizzie's, the second AJ's, and the third was Lizzie's thumbprint for the body and AJ's fingerprints for the feathers. 

They're going in the mail soon, so that hopefully the recipients get them before Thanksgiving! 

What Thanksgiving projects have you been doing lately?


  1. Cool examples! These are absolutely amazing!
    Can you design a name card for me?

  2. These turned out so pretty! I just love all the colors you can use with this idea!


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