Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In November: Book and Craft

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The minute I saw the book, In November by Cynthia Rylant, I knew it needed a great craft project to go along with it. 

The book is beautifully illustrated accompanied by a very poetic text  about the different things that happen in November. We heard about what the trees, animals and even families do in November. 

After we finished the book, it was crafting time!

I set out our pressed leaves that we still had from our leaf rubbing garland, paper, and paint. We were going to try some leaf stamping.

I showed the girls how to paint the leaf then turn it upside down and press it on their paper. They were ready to go! 

AJ preferred the stamp and press portion of the craft, so I did the leaf painting for her. 

Lizzie was able to complete the whole project herself. 

We painted, stamped and pressed until we had four pieces of paper covered. 

When they were done stamping, they decided to paint with the brushes on their paper as well. 

While we were working, we talked about November. We talked about the weather, animals and holidays. 

I asked "What happens in November?" and collected their answers. 

Once the paint was dry, I took out my Sharpie and wrote their answers on the artwork. I covered them in contact paper and we had four place mats.

In November...
It's a little bit cold and a little bit warm
We look forward to Thanksgiving
The geese are flying
The leaves are red, yellow and orange and falling to the ground
We eat pumpkin pie
We feed the birds
It's very windy
We see a lot of orange
We paint a lot

How are you celebrating November?


  1. That book looks beautiful and the accompanying artwork is gorgeous! I love this post. I'm your newest follower, and I can't believe I haven't been following all of this time. I'm sure I meant to. It's sometimes hard to remember to actually do it. Sorry it's taken me this long! I need to catch up on your posts!

  2. What a great idea. I just saw this book at the book store tonight and looked at it very briefly. Thank you for sharing at Crafty Moms Share!

  3. What a fun idea. And it looks beautiful. I wanted to invite you to link up at my linky party TGIF - http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/search/label/Linkey%20Parties - Beth =-)

  4. What wonderful poems! I love their illustrations.

  5. Beautiful project. It looks like your little ones had so much fun. I love Cynthia Rylant books and I don't think we have read this one.
    Take care,

  6. Aaah how sweet! The book sounds gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  7. Beautiful reading/writing/crafting project. Great blog! I hope you'll visit my blog: Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents.

  8. Wow, amazing idea, and what a lovely memory to treasure.

    Thanks so much for linking to Science Sparks. x

  9. this is such a wonderful craft. I love how you wrote down their thoughts about November - what a great thing to look back on later.

    Thanks for linking your idea to the Sunday Showcase last week. Hope to see you this week!



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