Monday, December 5, 2011

A Pretend Snack Bar

I can't think of anything my girls like better than a pretend play setup, unless it's a messy craft project. 

We've made forts, stores, and even a zoo in our living room. Recently, we decided to create our own snack bar. 

We were following a suggestion from Let's Explore on their Ways to Play in October printout (yes, we are a few months behind). Each month Let's Explore offers a new printout with about 10 fun ways to play. We print it out every month. It's great to have around when we need new ideas for something to do!

Our snack bar set-up was simple. I gave Lizzie the wood crate and asked her to go through all of her play food and find some items that she thought would be good to sell at a snack bar. 

She picked out nine different things, which turned out to be the perfect amount. We then decided we needed plates, cups, a bowl and spoon, and a few napkins. 

We constructed the bar by setting a wood trunk across two chairs. 

After we had that set up, we made a sign and the menu. I wrote out the name of each of the foods, and then drew a picture next to each. 

Since neither of my girls can read, I wanted them to use the pictures for reference. The girls then took their crayons and decorated everything.

They had a blast playing snack bar! 

The girls would take turn being the "chef" or the customer. They would pour over the menu, make their selection, then have a seat at the table. The "chef" would then come serve the food. 

I was impressed by my 2-yr-old's ability to remember the orders. They even managed to rope Mommy into playing with them several times!

We've had a lot of fun with this, and I'm sure we will set it up again soon!

What kind of pretend play does your child enjoy? 


  1. I love this! Right now my daughter loves to pretend she is going to the store for "groceries". Her favorite pretend places are Trader Joe's and Target! Looks like your girls had fun!


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