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Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart-Stamped Valentines

Yes, you can make a pretty Valentines using an empty toilet paper roll! We turned ours into stamps to make these pretty heart note cards. We've explored cardboard roll stamping before and had a lot of fun, so I knew the girls would love making these Valentines.

Supplies Needed:
Empty cardboard tubes
Card stock
Red and pink paint

In order to prep for this projects, I squished and folded my cardboard tubes until they looked like a heart. To keep the point at the bottom, I found it helpful to staple the point near the middle of the tube.

Once our stamps were ready, I gave each girl a piece of white card stock and poured a bit of paint onto a couple of plastic lids. The girls got to work stamping. They took their work very seriously!

When we were done, we had a couple of very pretty heart pictures. But, as pretty as they were, they were destined to be note cards. I cut each piece of card stock in half and then folded each in half. Now we've got four pretty Valentines ready to go!

This project is part of a “Heart Project eBook” created by Jamie at Hands on as We Grow,  This collaborative project, involving more than 60 bloggers, will be a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the American Heart Association.  Check back on February 1st for all the fun details about the participants, how you can get your own copy of the e-book, and a few giveaways as well. 

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healthyworkingmom said...

Lovely! Certainly one to try. The kids are going to have fun too.

MiaB said...

How cute... I love this!!! I'm a new fb fan :)


Anonymous said...

Love this and the ribbon gives a special touch of elegance!

Having Fun said...

Those are very cute. I love how their made with a toilet paper roll. I guess I can find a use for all the ones I've been saving. Very neat


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