Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Silly Races

January is usually cold, snowy, and windy for us, so we're stuck indoors a lot. But lately, we've had beautiful and unseasonably warm weather, which means we've been able to play outdoors! In order to run a bit of energy out of the girls, I thought it would be fun to have them run silly races. Instead of just running, they had to run by doing something silly.

Here are some fun ideas for silly races:
Run with your hands on your head
Run backwards
Run while holding hands

Run and wave your arms above your head
Hop on one foot
Run like an airplane
Run while singing a song

Hop like a bunny
Run while flapping your arms like a bird
Run with your eyes closed
Run in circles

Run and pat your tummy at the same time
Run sideways
Run and dance at the same time

Do you have any suggestions for silly races?

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  1. We always do silly races when we go for a walk & our favourites are animal races! Each child takes a turn picking what animal to race like & then we run while acting/sound like an elephant/giraffe/alligator/bear/fish etc. Always lots of fun :)

  2. Thank you for the super ideas!

    We love to do relay races with to one end of the room and put on a tutu/hat/cap/scarf...then take it off and run back.

    We make it harder by adding more outfits to the race...for example, putting on a tutu, vest, and cap before taking them all off.

  3. Thank you or blogging this. I found you via Pinterest and when I went to the park with my children yesterday we all had a go.
    Lisa x

  4. This is so simple and fun. I was looking for some easy games to incorporate into a casual classroom picnic and this will be perfect! Great idea :)


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