Monday, February 13, 2012

Pretend Play Jewelry Store

We like to play "store" around our house, so in honor of Valentine's Day, we set up a pretend play jewelry store. But, before we could set up the store, we had to make our inventory. We got out our bucket of beads, some string, and some pipe cleaners, and set to work making jewelry. We made necklaces, bracelets, and even a few rings.

We went in search of anything we could find to make our store "fancy." We covered the coffee table with a pretty blanket and used a few pastel-colored bins as display cases. I found a pretty mirror to display our tiara on and Lizzie decorated with flowers.

We made signs and price tags and made sure everything was set up perfectly. And last, but not least, I found a few fabric bags and our cash register so the girls could pay for their treasures. I think setting up the jewelry store was even more fun than playing with it!

Aren't those rings beautiful? I know you want one for yourself!

Oftentimes, pretend play scenarios can be set up using nothing more than what you already have in your home. No cash register? Use a box and make paper money. Don't want a jewelry store? Get out all of your stuffed animals and have a pet store instead. Or save old pasta and cereal boxes and have a grocery store. The possibilities are endless!

Do your kids like to play "store"?

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  1. love the cash register - where did you find it?
    Playful Seattle Families

    1. Hi Greta! The cash register is a Parents Magazine brand. I believe we originally bought it at Target, but we've had it for 2+ years. I took a peek & it looks like they no longer make this one. :-(

  2. Lovely! My daughter played hairdressers with her cousin this was lovely to watch!

  3. This is brilliant - we are just starting to get into pretend play here I love the idea of making stuff to sell in the shop as well and what a gorgeous cash register as well

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots

  4. Very cute. My children love to play any type of pretend but have to say we have never done jewelry store (with four girls that is a surprise). School has always been their favorite through the years. If you need more pretend play ideas check out the Growing Play website at

  5. Great ideas! My kids love pretend play a lot too!

  6. This is such a sweet Idea, I can't wait for my littest one to be old enough to be around small objects. My oldest daughter will love this! We already do fancy beauty parlor when we do her hair to help with not being so sad about the knots in her curly hair.


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