Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sponge-Printed Valentines

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When thinking about Valentines, I can't forget to include our favorite Valentine's book, Max's Valentine by Rosemary Wells. It's a simple book, in very typical Max and Ruby style. But, year in and year out, this is our most requested Valentine book at our house.

So, I knew we had to do a Valentine's craft based on our favorite book. I cut out several hearts from sturdy paper (such as card stock) and got out a few supplies. Since Ruby used an awful lot of glitter in this book, we made sure we had quite a bit on hand.

We used sponges instead of paintbrushes. I used a clothes pin to help the girls hold on to the sponges. (I don't remember when I first saw this idea, but I'm almost certain it was somewhere on Pinterest.) After setting up everything, I stepped back and let the girls do what they wanted. The painting was such an amazingly nice and neat process, but then came the glitter! And boy did we use the glitter!

You've got to make sure everything is well glittered, right? After attaching a few bits of tissue paper, the girls were done. Now we've got some nice and sparkly Valentines inspired by Max and Ruby.

What is your kid's favorite Valentine's book?

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  1. Haha, I just posted about sponge painting for Valentine's Day, too. It's a fun activity! We used a heart-shaped sponge to stamp on rectangle paper whereas you used a rectangle sponge to stamp on heart paper. I like the glitter you added. :)

  2. My daughter made all her high school posters with these was a very cool twist.
    This creativity fostered when they were young really helped in so many ways in high school and college! Keep it'll see the rewards!

  3. I think home crafted valentine's day cards are the best!! We make them every year... I even make a special one for my hubby :)

    Hopping in from the hop

  4. These came out so cute I'm sure they will be well loved by the receiver!!
    I also wanted to invite you to my blog for an art link I will be posting weekly...I'd love for you to join in!!!

  5. Thank you so much for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I love Max and Ruby! Your valentine's are beautiful. I pinned this post.


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