Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Watercolor Resist Flowers

This isn't our first attempt at watercolor resist. We first tried our hand at it with our watercolor resist circles

We keep coming back to this method, because it's fun and the results always look so pretty. 

This time we decided our subjects were going to be flowers. 

Lizzie has been very interested in drawing lately and I knew she was pretty confident in her ability to draw a flower. I wanted her to enjoy the process and not get frustrated.

She drew her flowers in pencil, then traced over them with oil pastels. (You can use crayons for this part. The results will be the same.) 

When she was done with the tracing, we got out the paint. 

Her black lines helped her stay within the lines a lot better, because ultimately that was HER goal with this project. 

So in the end, this project wasn't a watercolor resist in its truest form because that's not what Lizzie had in mind. But, the results were fabulous!

So, what was AJ, my 2-1/2 year old, doing? Why, she was working on her own project. 

She drew as many lines and circles as she could with many different colors of oil pastels. 

When she was finally satisfied with her drawing, she started painting too. She was very deliberate with her painting until she noticed the colors started mixing! 

So, here's AJ's finished project... a very green watercolor resist abstract painting!

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  1. I use to love teaching about water color resist flowers when I taught about Georgia O'Keffee!

    Love how they turned out ;-)


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