Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekends Are For... Grownups?!?

If you notice, the name of my blog is My Creative Family and almost everything I blog about is for the kids, activities for kids, crafts for kids, games for kids. We do a lot for our kids, don't we? It's easy to get lost in that. I know I find myself doing that all the time, thinking only of the kids and forgetting about myself in the process. It's easy to do. But, hopefully, I've found a remedy for that. I'm claiming weekends and you should too!

I'm not proposing you ship the kids off for the weekend or ignore them completely. I'd like to show you ways to do something for yourself, something a bit more "grown-up," but still involve the kids. Because, after all, we're part of the same family. 

I'll be steering away from the child-centered posts on Saturdays and give you ideas for you... the grown-ups in the family. Whether you're a parent, a grandparent or a child-care worker, I hope you'll find ways to enrich your life and the whole family's life. I want My Creative Family to include the entire family.

Each weekend idea will have a theme, with ideas surrounding that theme. We'll declutter and make a donation station. We'll explore a new hobby. We'll spend a weekend exercising outdoors. We'll rejuvenate, renew, and reinvent. 

I invite you to join along!


  1. This sounds great - I'm looking forward to reading more ideas :)

  2. Totally signing up!!!! Can't wait to see what you have to share.


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