Sunday, March 4, 2012

Around the World in 12 Dishes: United Kingdom

Welcome to Around the World in 12 Dishes: United Kingdom edition! 

My girls love to get in the kitchen with me and they especially love it when I get out the flour and sugar. 

That's why I decided scones would be the perfect recipe to try and make. I went with this Buttermilk Scone recipe as I was hoping for a more authentic British scone.

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The recipe turned out to be easy to follow and pretty soon we had a pan full of scones ready to go in the oven. 

While they were baking, we decided to learn a little bit about the United Kingdom. 

We located the United Kingdom on our globe then read a book all about England. 

We found England (True Books: Countries by Michael Burgan at our library. The girls loved hearing all about England and were amazed at how many similarities there were between England and their little corner of the world.

I didn't have to do much reading as they looked and talked about the pictures with each other. (No, this photo is not staged! They were that interested in the book.)

We also had time for a little poetry and I found my old Little Golden Book edition of a Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson (who was from Scotland). We read poems until the oven timer beeped. Then it was time for tea!

(If you want to share these poems with your kids, this is a beautiful version of A Child's Garden of Verses that is currently available to purchase.

I brewed up a bit of tea to go with our scones. We enjoyed a nice blueberry tea and our yummy scones with a spoonful of blackberry jam on top. Yummy! We had a nice afternoon enjoying each other, trying new things and learning about another corner of the world. I can't wait until our next challenge!

Please feel free to join in the fun and link up your United Kingdom inspired food, crafts, or learning fun below!
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  1. Very cool! I am doing something similar but on a larger scale. Right now I'm cooking my way through China. I recommend the scallion pancakes or the beef and green onion stir fry if you need a Chinese recipe. :)

  2. We have yet to read our book on London, so we'll look for this one at the library. Looks like you guys had a great journey to the UK :-)

  3. My friend keeps telling me how fabulous Nigella's scones are...I will have to try her recipe someday. ;-)

  4. We are most definately creating scones this week afterschool together. Thanks for inspiring us. I love how books can bring you to another place. That's why we do Little Hands that Cook with Books with our girls.


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