Monday, March 26, 2012

Textured Eagles

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During our bird week, we wanted to make sure we talked about one of our favorite and one of the most impressive birds, the bald eagle. 

We found a wonderful book about eagles at our library, Soaring with the Wind: The Bald Eagle by Gail Gibbons. After learning all we could about the bald eagle, we decided to make a couple of our own. 

The first thing we needed to do for our eagles was to make our white paper look textured and mimic the look of feathers. 

I looked all over our house trying to figure out what would work best. Finally, I hit up our collection of empty cardboard tubes. I flattened a couple of tubes and cut strips partially up the tubes. 

We used white paint on top of white paper and painted our texture all over. This was by far the most fun part of the whole project!

After our paint dried, I drew a simple eagle head shape on the white paper. I kept it simple so that the girls could cut it out. 

I drew the shape on the back of the paper so we wouldn't have to worry about the pencil lines showing up on our project. 

We also cut out a simple eye and beak from yellow paper. The girls glued these pieces on a sheet of blue construction paper.

Finally it was time for the finishing touches. 

We used markers and pencils to add any additional detail that were needed. 

Lizzie's wonderful creation is the top pictures and AJ's is below. Note that AJ's eagle is going to have a bit of trouble eating. It's a good thing he's so cute!

Our bird fun hasn't ended. We're going to keep on learning about them and doing projects for the next week (or two)! We are having too much fun learning about, crafting and exploring the world of birds.

If you are interested in learning more about eagles, you should definitely check out the Decorah live eagle cam. It's an amazing peek into the life of the bald eagle!

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  1. Super cute idea! I'm glad I stopped by today because my children - for some unknown reason - love bald eagles :-) Very cute and easy craft for them!

  2. I especially like the innovative way you found to add texture to your eagles. You are teaching your children to look around them to find new ways to create. Yes, eagles do have a sense of awe about them. I have seen but a few; and each time has left me stopping to gaze at their majesty.

  3. I love the process to which you textured your paper! Very creative mam you are :)


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