Monday, April 30, 2012

Get Crafty: Ladybugs

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Last week we decided to do out own twist on a classic kid's craft, the paper plate lady bug. 

We were down most of the week with the stomach flu and needed a low-key craft to do once we started feeling better. 

We happened to have The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle in our pile of library books and a pile of paper plates in our craft supplies, so we decided to make some simple paper plate ladybugs.

After reading the book, we made our own ladybugs using the illustration on the front of the book for inspiration.

Supplies Needed
Paper plate cut in half
Red and black paint
Construction paper
Googly eyes (optional)

I started by giving each girl a paper plate half along with some red and black paint. 

They painted the background and spots. 

To make it a bit easier on the girls, I gave each girl two paintbrushes, one for each color of paint. 

Once we were done, we cut circles out of the black construction paper for heads. 

As usual, Lizzie had her own idea. She wanted a half circle and did not want to use the googly eyes. She opted for some blue paint to paint her own antenna and eyes. 

Remember, with kid's crafts, the outcome isn't that important. Let your kids express their own creativity in the process. If they want an all-black ladybug with a few red spots, go with it!

It was nice to get back to normal after being sick and doing a simple craft helped us ease back into our days.

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  1. This is great project! I'm pretty sure kids will love this plus, the items used are very easy to find!

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  2. What a great alternative way to do the ladybird they are really cute

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