Wednesday, May 23, 2012

200 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

Before I share our 2012 Summer Bucket List, I wanted to give you some ideas for your own. Here are 200 fun and simple ideas for summer fun. Some are indoor ideas and some are outdoor ideas. But, all would be fun for the entire family. Have fun making your summer bucket list!

  1. Go Swimming
  2. Go Camping
  3. Go on a hike
  4. Make homemade lemonade
  5. Make popsicles
  6. Make homemade ice cream
  7. Go stargazing
  8. Plant a garden
  9. Go to a farmer's market
  10. Go to a pick-your-own farm
  11. Go to the zoo
  12. Go to an amusement park
  13. Go to a "new to you" park
  14. Go on a bike ride
  15. Play hopscotch
  16. Do splat painting
  17. Play Red Light Green Light
  18. Play tag
  19. Have a family board game night
  20. Have paper airplane races
  21. Host a cook-out
  22. Make ice cream sundaes
  23. Bake a pie
  24. Go on a scavenger hunt
  25. Make story stones
  26. Make garden stones
  27. Walk on a balance beam
  28. Have an outdoor movie night
  29. Experiment with baking soda and vinegar
  30. Make a rain gauge & measure the rain
  31. Make a mud pie
  32. Make a wormery
  33. Climb a tree
  34. Decorate flower pots
  35. Start a rock collection
  36. Catch fireflies
  37. Read books outside
  38. Go to story time at the library
  39. Go on a color palette nature walk
  40. Keep a nature journal
  41. Go bird watching
  42. Make homemade play dough
  43. Make pool noodle hurdles
  44. Put shaving cream on the slide
  45. Make nature wands
  46. Fly a kite
  47. Run a race
  48. Go on a picnic
  49. Paint with patio toys
  50. Visit a pond
  51. Visit a garden
  52. Build a sand castle
  53. Play with ice
  54. Make land art
  55. Make dirt cake
  56. Dig for dinosaurs
  57. Go to a museum
  58. Visit a nature center
  59. Make butter
  60. Hunt for bugs
  61. Play paintman
  62. Build a boat
  63. Make your own board game
  64. Do science experiments with candy
  65. Paint with your mouth
  66. Do a raised salt painting
  67. Trace shadows
  68. Make a balloon sculpture
  69. Play with sticks
  70. Play with frisbees
  71. Play tic tac toe on the sidewalk
  72. Make suncatchers
  73. Write a story and illustrate it
  74. Make smoothies
  75. Learn to hula hoop
  76. Make s'mores
  77. Cook over a camp fire
  78. Eat watermelon
  79. Make strawberry jam
  80. Make a fruit salad
  81. Make fresh salsa
  82. Hunt for sea shells
  83. Have a water balloon fight
  84. Look for shapes in the clouds
  85. Be a nature photographer
  86. Go to a splash park
  87. Watch a fireworks show
  88. Make your own slip & slide
  89. Go for a walk on the beach
  90. Go on a sound hunt
  91. Go to a parade
  92. Watch the summer Olympics
  93. Have a lemonade stand
  94. Make bird feeders
  95. Have a puppet show
  96. Paint with bubbles
  97. Make homemade bouncy balls
  98. Go to a baseball game
  99. Play mini golf
  100. Write a letter
  101. Make homemade cards & mail them to faraway friends or relatives
  102. Make a marble run
  103. Paint on cardboard
  104. Paint a self-portrait
  105. Watch the sunset
  106. See what happens when you add salt to ice
  107. Have a root beer float
  108. Make coffee filter butterflies
  109. Make friendship bracelets
  110. Participate in your library's reading program
  111. Eat fresh peaches
  112. Make rainsticks
  113. Swing as high as you can
  114. Learn about a different country
  115. Try a new food
  116. Build a fort
  117. Make tie-dyed socks
  118. Put on a play
  119. Slide down a water slide
  120. Go to an outdoor concert
  121. Bake cookies & deliver them to a neighbor
  122. Have a dance party
  123. Make giant bubbles
  124. Grill pizzas
  125. Make finger paints
  126. Play beach ball volleyball
  127. Examine a tidal pool
  128. Memorize a poem
  129. Do a sink or float experiment
  130. Tell ghost stories
  131. Play Pooh Sticks
  132. Go to a local festival
  133. Go pretend fishing
  134. Make nature mandalas
  135. Play hide & seek
  136. Learn to paint like Monet
  137. Play with water beads
  138. Play book bingo
  139. Play with cloud dough
  140. Have a party for no particular reason
  141. Make a terrarium
  142. Play t-ball
  143. Have silly races
  144. Play with a sensory box
  145. Go for a walk at twilight
  146. Learn how to use real tools (hammer, screwdriver, wrench, etc.)
  147. Go to an art museum
  148. Make recycled crayons
  149. Make super hero capes and pretend to be a super hero
  150. Paint with cars
  151. Make ribbon wands and dance outside
  152. Make old-fashioned silhouette pictures
  153. Fill a sketch book
  154. Make frozen banana pops
  155. Make a life-size robot
  156. Learn to sew a simple pillow
  157. Make campfire cones
  158. Make egg carton finger puppets
  159. Watch carnations change colors
  160. Make your own compass and learn how to use it
  161. Go to a local festival
  162. Make an Olympic logo painting
  163. Build Lego towers
  164. Make a cork-print tree
  165. Make a hat out of newspapers
  166. Make your own jump rope
  167. Make a homemade alphabet book
  168. Make raisins dance
  169. Examine nature with a magnifying glass
  170. Learn a few jump rope rhymes
  171. Learn a new card game
  172. Paint with fly swatters
  173. Paint with water color spray paint
  174. Make your own paper dolls
  175. Have a 3-Legged Race
  176. Work a jigsaw puzzle
  177. Go geocaching
  178. Make hand print fireworks
  179. Make stick men
  180. Mail a hug
  181. Learn to do a cartwheel
  182. Dive off a diving board
  183. Paint the sky
  184. Make a twig & twine raft
  185. Paint with golf balls
  186. Create a fairy garden
  187. Build a ramp for your toy cars
  188. Play Follow the Leader
  189. Swim in a lake
  190. Swim in the ocean
  191. Be a tourist in your own town
  192. Play flashlight tag
  193. Make a cd hovercraft
  194. Set up a pretend potion lab
  195. Go on a road trip
  196. Wash the car
  197. Have a sleepover
  198. Go to a movie
  199. Read a chapter book together as a family
  200. Make a scrapbook of all your summer fun!
Did I forget anything? What would you add to this list?

And if that's not enough, here are 100 more fun ideas for your summer bucket list

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  1. Make a water wall/ Ball run and make a Kid Wash (think car wash but with kiddos)

  2. I didn't see Frozen Water Color Painting either and this is a summer go to for us
    And Frozen sculptures in the water table
    What about Alien Bubbles they are fun and when you pop them in your hands they are really cold

  3. wow! Great list... I'm tired just reading it lol. We will definitely be adding some of these to our summer bucket list. Pinning so I don't loose track of these ideas :)

  4. 200?! I am so impressed. Loved it, pinned it and I'm excited to actually do it. Thank you!!

  5. Wow! What a fantastic list! I had a friend ask for bucket list ideas on her facebook page today. I am so sharing this with her!

  6. Great list and thanks for including some of our ideas!

  7. Love it! We made one to but not as many things only

  8. Great list!
    We have a copper fire bowl on the patio and our family absolutely loves to have cookouts. We do this just about every Saturday night of the summer. We roast hotdogs (has to be on a stick) followed by marshmallows. Then we sit and enjoy the evening, listening to the birds, followed by watching all the stars appear. (First one to see a star gets an extra marshmallow!) It's a peaceful time together with our family, and doesn't cost a thing. Some day our children will look back on these times together with great fondness.

  9. Wow - longest list ever! We will not be bored this summer for sure. I'm think one or two a day? Am about to put on Curly Birds facebook. (and thanks for including our lemonade stand!)

  10. Thank you for including my Splat painting! I've had lots of hits today!

  11. Seriously- this must have taken you a long minute! Great post!

  12. Thanks so much for including our Raised Salt Painting idea. This list is amazing! We're just about to go into Winter here but I've still pinned this list and we're going to work our way through it even in the cold weather!

  13. So fun! I love your ideas! We'd love for you to join the party at Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know my readers will like your ideas as well! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  14. wow that list will keep you busy. Some great ideas.

  15. Thats a great list. Thanks for sharing all wonderful activities!

  16. What a great list of fun ideas! Thanks for including our rainsticks

  17. So many great things to try out this summer! Thanks for sharing our rock collection!

  18. I love your list but had to add Make a New Friend, Go Fishing and Go on a Roadtrip.

  19. Great list...if your looking for a way to get your kids writing about their experiences and a place to put all of those ideas come visit us at

  20. Thanks for linking our colour palette :)
    Please feel free to link your list to our linky of summer bucket lists (

  21. nice list alot of great ideas bu you can also add catch fireflies thats always fun

  22. I would also like to take such journey. But I would most likely want to learn to surf as well in the middle of the journey I had planned.

  23. Okay, time to secure my kids sun hats and sunblock because today, it's "summer-fun-family" day!

  24. I might have to put our skywatcher telescope to good use because I miss our family stargazing! These activities are outstanding!

  25. I might take the kids on the lake house and enjoy family bonding there! I love when their face light up every time they hear this.

  26. While it might sound biased (since it's a man's point of view), it should really be a top thing to bring the family out for a baseball game this spring break. It'll be a great bonding experience, especially for the kids.

  27. Thanks for these fun ideas for summer. I am taking the kids to a cross country drive to visit relatives and some of these activity will help drive away boredom and tantrums.

  28. That could be an overwhelming bucket list for summer. Maybe I will need to create one for my own. I'll start with 50 things I want to do for spring.

  29. Wow! I'm going to make a list for when I get bored this summer. How long did writing this take you?

  30. This is amazing! It made me create my own list! now I can't wait for summer :)

  31. Wow, Terri !!! Your list is sensational!! Thanks for taking the time to put that together!!
    Whether you are trying Terri's ideas or have some of your own to share, take a look at the SUMMER FUN FORUM hosted by Simply Fun Families. You'll find parents sharing their best ideas for summer family fun and a place to share your own favourites!! GO TO
    for everything from easy backyard fun to bigger memory making adventures!!

  32. Thanks a lot for sharing this! These are very wonderful summer bucket list ideas! I'll surely add them to my own fun summer bucket list.


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