Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get Crafty: Shape Collages

When I first saw this shape recognition robot from Make, Do, & Friend, I though it would be a fun craft project. I set to work cutting out shapes from construction paper and told the girls they could make try and make robots from the shapes. They had different ideas!

Supplies Needed:
Construction paper cut into various shapes
Construction paper for background
Glue sticks

I set both girls up with a glue stick and a pile of multicolored shapes. AJ (age 3) thought a robot sounded like a perfect idea and got to work gluing. She glued and piled and glued and piled until she had an interesting layered robot.

Lizzie (age 5), as usual, had a different idea. She started making pictures with her shapes. First she made this kite and then she made a pretty girl with very long hair.

All in all, it was a very fun and successful crafting session. The girls were able to work independently and worked hard coming up with their own masterpieces.

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