Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Straw-Printed Dandelions

After our dandelion exploration, we decided to get a little crafty and paint our own dandelions. 

We were trying to get the wispy look of the puffball and a paint brush was just not going to work. 

So, we decided to try straw printing.

Supplies Needed:
Drinking straws
White & green paint
Blue construction paper

To prep our straws, I took the scissors and started cutting strips on one end. 

Then we smashed the end on the paper to make the strips fan out. 

To use, dip that end in paint and start stamping. AJ (age 3) decided to smear instead. 

We had paintbrushes out to help us paint the stems and leaves. 

It was kind of fun to use the paint brush and straw at the same time!

This project was simple to do. 

It can be open-ended (as you can see by AJ's picture below) or you can work with a specific goal in mind (like Lizzie's dandelions). 

Like all of our projects, it was successful because we had fun! Get out your drinking straws and start painting!
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  1. Oh I like this project a lot.. I bet it will show up on my weekly playschool post some day!

    My Made by Litle Hands post is here:

  2. That's a lovely idea. I was so sure that you were going to use the straws to blow the paint but then you did it by cutting it... nice :D Love seeing new ideas. Thanks for sharing. Debs :)


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