Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Creating a Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket lists have become quite popular lately. This will be our second year to do one and I'm so excited about the possibilities. Have you ever made a summer bucket list? Or are you wondering just how to get started?

What is a summer bucket list? A summer bucket list is a simple concept with a fun name. It's a list of fun activities you & your family want to do this summer. The ideas don't have to be complicated; in fact, it's fun to list simple, yet fun activities. It gives you something to look forward to and an ongoing list of things to do instead of being bored.

Why make a summer bucket list? Why not? It's fun, simple, and a great resource for family time! 

How do you make a summer bucket list? Making a summer bucket list takes a little bit of planning. First, you'll want to check your calendar. Make note of any vacations, holidays, family reunions, summer camps, or sports schedules. How much time do you realistically have to complete your list? Use this to determine how many things you have on your list. Last year, our bucket list had only 20 items on it. List only as many items as you are comfortable with. Remember, the point is not to add pressure to your summer. Instead, it's to add a bit of fun!

When making your bucket list, keep in mind budget, time, and distance. Going on numerous weekend trips may not be realistic for your family, but a weekend camping trip may be. Include activities that are inexpensive and easy, such as eating breakfast outside or playing hopscotch. Other activities may require a bit or planning or money, such as going out for ice cream or going on a hike. Are you already planning a fun vacation this summer? Add it to your list. Don't forget to ask your family what they want to include on the list. It will keep them excited and they'll probably come up with ideas that you didn't even think of.

Just remember, when making your summer bucket list: keep it simple, ask for input, add a variety, and most of all have fun!

Stay tuned for more summer bucket list fun. I'm preparing a post full of bucket list inspiration as well as working on our 2012 summer bucket list!

Are you making a summer bucket list this year?
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  1. great idea! look forward to checking out the site to come up with ideas to "fill up the bucket!"


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