Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Our 2012 List

I gave you tips on creating your own summer bucket list, found inspiration for displaying the list, and even provided a mega-list of 200 ideas for your bucket list. Now, it's time to share our 2012 Summer Bucket List. We kept it simple and only have 20 things on the list. Our time may or may not be limited, so I wanted a very doable sized list. Plus, if we finish too quickly, I do have 200 more ideas we could use!

Here's our list:
1. Eat breakfast outside
2. Go camping
3. Learn to swim
4. Try a "new to us" fruit
5. Blow bubbles
6. Play in the sprinklers

7. Do messy painting outside
8. Buy fresh corn from a roadside stand
9. Make a leaf collection
10. Make popsicles
11. Go to the zoo
12. Go out for ice cream

13. Learn to ride a bike
15. Paint rocks
16. Go fishing
17. Paint with sidewalk paint
19. Go to the farmer's market
20. Wash the car (by hand!)

I decided not to make a large display for our wall. We're currently trying to sell our house, so that wasn't a realistic option for us. Instead, I made a pretty booklet. I wrote each activity on a separate index card and illustrated it with simple pictures to help my non-readers know what the activities are. I then punched a hole in the upper corner and secured the cards together with a binder clip. I added a few pony beads to the ring for a fun touch.

Your bucket list doesn't have to be complicated or even long. Just remember, it's all for fun! 

Are you making a summer bucket list?
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  1. I like the idea of eating breakfast outside! Super easy and fun!

  2. love! i just made out bucket list today and will be running it tomorrow. ours is shortish too - at least compared to the mega lists i have seen. but realistically, if we did everything on our list - i would be thrilled!

  3. Hi there! New follower here. Found your lovely 200 Summer ideas on Pinterest. Can't wait to make this with my kiddos!


  4. I love the way you did index cards for your bucket list! Fun ideas too. I'd like to invite you to join my summer bucket list party,
    Good luck selling your house and have a super summer!

  5. I love your list, especially eating breakfast outdoors and trying a new fruit. I'm looking forward to hearing about how these go for you.

  6. Thank you for linking up to the party. This really is a great way to make a summer list and such fun activities for summer.

  7. I love your list! By making it simple-- both in the creation of it and in your activities- it makes it inspiring! It's something I've wanted to do but have put off but now I think I'll make a little booklet like yours later today!!!!

  8. You are going to have such a FUN summer!! I keep asking my daughter what fun things she wants to do this summer, and the only answer she gives is she is happy she will get to play animals with Mama more. =) But I have lots of other fun plans for us including animals. ;)

  9. I also have a summer bucket list with linky, feel free to drop by and add your post!

    Have a Great Summer :)

  10. I love bucket lists! Each time I read one I am inspired, but fail to make maybe my number one on my bucket list is to .... MAKE a bucket list! Thanks for sharing yours :-)

  11. So cute!!!! Have a great summer


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