Thursday, June 28, 2012

Books = Fun: Square Cat

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We recently discovered a fun gem of a book, Square Cat by Elizabeth Schoonmaker. 

Square Cat is the story of Eula, a decidedly square-shaped cat. She doesn't like being square and longs to be round like her friends Patsy and Maude. With a little help from her friends, she learns that it's kind of fun to be square. 

I can't even begin to tell you how much the girls loved this book.

After reading and rereading the book about a dozen times, we decided to draw our own square cats. 

We decided on our favorite combination of oil pastels and liquid watercolors. I got the girls started with a large square on a piece of heavy-weight paper. 

The both got started turning their square into a cat. 

The above picture is AJ's (age 3). Don't you like those big, long ears?

This picture is Lizzie's (age 5). She's been going through a stage where she tries to copy pictures exactly. 

I've been amazed at how much her drawing has improved since she started this copying phase.

Once we were satisfied with our drawings, we got out the liquid watercolors. 

Since square cat was orange, that was the color we went with. 

Lizzie decided to paint her entire paper and AJ just painted her cat. I love how they both turned out!

Our current favorite art materials are oil pastels and liquid watercolors. What are your favorites?
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  1. What great Square Cat fun!! I LOVE the drawings and Eula is very happy to be your model! Thank you! Purrrfect!

    All best square wishes!


    Elizabeth Schoonmaker
    Square Cat
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  2. This book looks great! We'll have to check it out.


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