Monday, June 4, 2012

Get Crafty: Painting With Worms!

After our exploration of worms, I thought it would be fun to do a bit of worm-related artwork. I've been promising the girls some messy art and painting with worms sounded like a fun idea. We didn't actually paint with worms, just a nice pile of cooked spaghetti, an idea I first saw on The Chocolate Muffin Tree. Fun and messy!

I decided this would be an activity best done outside. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the girls could get as messy as they wanted without any worry about getting paint on the carpet. I found a plastic lid from a storage container and put a few globs of different colored paint. I loosened the paint up a bit with water to make it easier for the girls to use. I then cut off a large piece of paper from a roll of plain brown gift wrap and taped it down to the driveway. (You can usually find this at the dollar store. It's an expensive way to create some big, messy art!) 

The girls were a bit hesitant at first They gently dipped a single spaghetti noodle and wiggled it across the paper. It took a bit of encouragement, but they finally went for it, grabbing piles of pasta, mixing all the colors together, splattering the paint, giggling, and having fun.

And, when they were done with the spaghetti, they added their hand prints! This was such a fun way to get a little messy! 

What's your favorite way to make big, messy art?
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  1. What a fun idea?! It is definitely perfect for linking to your worm theme as they would feel very similar to touch :) I will have to give this a go with my kiddies!


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