Monday, July 2, 2012

Get Crafty: Spider Web Painting

We've had so much fun learning about spiders lately that we decided to do a spider art project. So, we found some fun materials and made these awesome spider web paintings.

Supplies Needed: 
Brown construction paper
White & black paint
Yarn or string
Bottle caps

Our first step was making the spider webs. In order to get the wispy look of an actual spider web, we painted our webs with yarn. I poured some white paint on a plastic lid. The girls ran their yarn through the paint, then ran it all over their paper. It was so much fun and so very messy!

When we were done, we had a couple of wild and wispy spiders webs and two pairs of paint-covered hands. But, we weren't done yet. Now it was time for the spiders.

We used the bottle caps to stamp the bodies of our spiders. I had originally though we would make cute little round bodies and paint eight legs on each. Lizzie (age 5), who was considering herself quite the expert on spiders by this time, informed me that this was incorrect. My little scientist insisted that the spiders have a head AND a body. The bottle caps just wouldn't work for  her. So, she grabbed a paintbrush and painted her spiders. 

I'm definitely not one to argue, especially since she was correct! So, she painted a family of three spiders on her spiderweb. You can see her finished product in the first picture. AJ (age 3) enjoyed the stamping so much that her picture was more of an abstract rendering of a spider's web. I can totally see it!

Spiders don't have to be reserved for Halloween. Get out and observe a few, then come back and draw them! 

Do your kids like bugs? Have you done any bug-related artwork recently?

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