Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In the Kitchen: Baking & Measurement

Correct measurements are an integral part of the baking process. 

Not only will this help you bake a moist muffin, you'll also be learning some important math skills.

Since both of my girls love to help me bake, we've been learning about making those correct measurements. 

Measurement Basics: There are three basic measuring devices. nesting measuring cups for dry ingredients. Glass measuring cups for wet ingredients and measuring spoons. If you live and bake outside the US, you'll also use a kitchen scale for measurements. I keep all three types of measurement devices in my kitchen.

We've learned the basics of what device to use and when to use it. 

I've also taught the girls to spoon their dry ingredients into the measuring cup and how to level it off. 

We've learned how to pour liquids into the measuring cup while watching the lines on the cup. 

We've practiced measuring and pouring many time although neither girl has mastered this step. Yet, we keep trying.

Ways to Practice and Play: The easiest and most obvious way to practice is by baking together. Muffins are always a good, basic recipe. In these pictures, we were baking yummy banana chocolate chip muffins from Weelicious. We've also baked Swedish Almond Bread and basic scones. Relax a bit while working with your kids. Yes, measuring is essential, but allow the kids to have some control. Allow some baking times to be about the process; your muffins don't have to come out perfect every time!

Water play. Allow your kids to experiment with the measuring devices by using water. Set out a bowl of water and several measuring cups and spoons. Let your kids pour and spoon as much as they want. Even toddlers can get in on the fun this way. Older kids can start learning about the different measurements. Ask them to measure half a cup or a quarter cup. How many quarters does it take to make a cup? 

Measuring rice. Try measuring dried rice with your cups and spoons. Practice leveling off your dry ingredients. Have your kids measure specific quantities. Again, your toddlers can get in on the fun. There's no need to try and teach them how to measure. Just let them get the feel of pouring and scooping. 

We've now learned some basic kitchen safety, knife skills, and basic measuring. Next up, we'll start talking about nutrition and healthy eating.

What are your best tips for cooking with kids?

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  1. What is that recipe for chocolate chip muffins you're baking in this picture?

  2. Hi Anonymous, it was a recipe from another blog, which is why I only provided a link. You can find the recipe for the banana chocolate chip muffins here: http://weelicious.com/2011/05/25/banana-chocolate-chip-muffins/


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