Monday, July 23, 2012

Sewing Circles: Simple Shapes to Sew

After learning all about squares, we moved on to the circle. One project I set up for the girls was this simple sewing projects. I was able to combine two things in one project, learning shapes and fine motor skills.

Awhile ago, I had purchased a package of foam circles from the dollar store. When we started talking about circles, I pulled them out. I knew we would find a way to use them. One idea I came up with was these sewing circles. I took my hole punch and punched holes around the outer edge of a few of the circles. Voila, the circles were ready to go.

For the needles and thread, I cut a length of yarn and tied a thick knot in one end. I made needles from a small bit of pipe cleaner. I made a small loop of pipe cleaner at one end, threaded the yarn through, then twisted the looped pipe cleaner nice and tight. The "needle" won't come off and it helps the girls with their sewing.

I packaged it all up in a cute little basket. Now the girls can grab their sewing basket anytime they're in the mood for a little sewing.
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  1. Love this idea. I'm about to do a busy bag swap with some moms in my twins club, and I think this might be my activity. Thanks for sharing. Pinning this, and now following via I Can Teach my Child!

  2. My girls love to sew! And these circles are always good in the car on trips too.

    Thank you for your Kira comment - fingers crossed!


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