Sunday, August 5, 2012

Around the World in 12 Dishes: Australia

This month Around the World in 12 Dishes traveled to Australia. My girls were thrilled to learn about Australia and make what is now our favorite cookie, ANZAC biscuits. Where have you been all my life?

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We started out by locating Australia on our globe. We talked about how it is currently winter in Australia and that Christmas occurs in the summer. We learned about Mem Fox, a famous children's book author from Australia, and read two of her books, Koala Lou and Possum Magic. We love to learn about animals and this virtual trip to Australia provided us with the perfect opportunity to learn about some fun animals such as the kangaroo, wombat, and koala.

Then, it was time to cook. While researching recipes, I found the book Easy Desserts From Around the World (Easy Cookbooks for Kids) by Heather Alexander. I wanted to make ANZAC biscuits, but the ingredient golden syrup was causing problems. You just can't find it anywhere around here! The cookbook suggested replacing the syrup with honey and it worked perfectly. I can't reprint the recipe for you here, but I found a similar version of the recipe. Click here for the recipe. You can replace the golden syrup with honey. Be sure to line your cookie sheets with parchment paper or grease them; Anzac biscuits will stick to your cookie sheet if you don't.

The recipe was very simple to make. The girls were able to help every step of the way. They measured, stirred, and formed balls of dough. We were very eager to try these!

Luckily the wait wasn't very long and we were able to enjoy a yummy afternoon snack. We loved ANZAC biscuits and Australia. We had another fun virtual trip!

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  1. I saw this and was wondering what you were going to use in place of the golden syrup! We love Anzac biscuits but we fortunately have a good stash of the magic syrup from our last trip down under ;)

  2. Thanks Zaira... I really, really wanted to try Anzac biscuits, but was about to give up the idea when I stumbled upon honey. I'm sure they're not quite the same, but they're very yummy nonetheless!

  3. ANZAC (acronym for Australia New Zealand Army Corps) cookies are soooo yummy. Have never thought to make them with honey so may try that one day for some fun. Lamingtons are also another downunder treat along with Pavlova (although there is an ongoing argument between Kiwis and Aussies as to who the Pav belongs too ... lol). You could also try making "damper" which is a traditional bread. Kids love making "damper" on a stick; we do it with our GirlGuides (Scouts).

  4. I had no idea that golden syrup wasn't available outside of Australia!! We use it in a lot of baking recipes you have treacle? It could work as well although i think you would need a little less. I'll let you in on a little secret...the raw cookie dough is the best part of Anzacs...any Aussie will tell you that....i love them but always eat too many while rolling!
    Thanks for sharing the things you discovered about my was lovely to read!
    Oh and the pav is Aussie hehe!

  5. oooh they look great! i bet they are yummy with honey!

  6. Glad you found a new favorite cookie :) They do look good.

  7. I was wondering if Kane Syrup would work in place of the golden syrup??? Looks SO yummy!

  8. You can buy golden syrup at Cost plus world Market and I have seen it at Fresh and Easy and many English type shops!


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