Thursday, August 16, 2012

Math Play: Circle Hunt

Circles, circles every where! 

We still had several craft foam circles left after making our sewing basket, so we decided to do an easy hide and seek game with the circles. 

This idea is so simple that there's not much to write about, so I'll just leave you with these pictures of some of our hiding spots. 

You can adapt this idea for any shape. I found that the craft foam was easy to hide and held up well to all sorts of pulling and tugging. If you don't have craft foam, cut up an old cereal box instead.

The next time you're looking for some easy indoor fun, try an easy hide and seek game with shapes!

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  1. Great idea! Kids love finding things. Hope to see you at Mom's Library!

  2. Great idea! thanks for sharing - looking for the co-op - do you do it each week? I've added it to my weekly list of linky's and am hoping to connect here more often - love your ideas and you have a great group! :)


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