Monday, October 22, 2012

Get Crafty: Candy Corn Wreath

Candy corn is a favorite around our house. We love how it looks and we love how it tastes, which is why Lizzie challenged me to come up with a candy corn craft she could do. (Yes, my 5-year-old does give me craft challenges!) After a lot of thought and a bit of trial and error, I can up with this candy corn wreath made from paper plates. 

Supplies Needed:
Paper plate
Yellow paint
Orange paint

The first step is to paint. We painted on the bottom of our paper plate. We left the center white, painted a thick orange circle around it, and then painted the edges yellow. Your plate will look like a candy-corn-colored bulls-eye.

After the paint is dry, turn the plate over and make your cutting lines. I drew lines across the plate, dividing it up as I would cut a pizza. You'll want it divided into 8 wedges.

Once you have all your wedges cut out, your bulls-eye will become 8 pieces of candy corn. 

Turn your candy corn pieces to the backside and arrange them in a circle, pointed sides out. Overlap the edges and use your tape to connect them together. When you're done taping, turn it over and you've got a fun candy corn wreath.

Voila, candy corn wreath challenged completed! I wonder what Lizzie will come up with next?

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  1. This is soooo cute. And I love things made from paper plates! :)

  2. My granddaugther will love this. We will do this when she comes soon.


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