Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Get Crafty: Simple Halloween Garland

My 5-year-old has been constantly begging for Halloween crafts to do. 

One day I had completely exhausted all the ideas I had and went searching through our craft supplies. I happened upon a bag of foam Halloween stickers and inspiration hit. 

We could make a Halloween garland. It was a simple process and the girls were able to do most of it independently.

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Supplies Needed:
Black construction paper
Orange construction paper
Foam stickers

The first step is to cut a supply of orange and black circles from the construction paper. You can use a circle punch or use a jar lid or drinking glass to trace circles in the size you want. (Ours were 2-inch circles.) 

I gave the girls the circles and stickers with the instructions to put one sticker on each circle.

After each circle had a sticker, we arranged them in an alternating orange and black pattern. We taped each one to the yarn per the above picture approximately 2-inches apart. 

Once we were done taping, we had a pretty and very simple Halloween garland.

Lizzie's still asking for Halloween projects to do, so I think it's time to go browse Pinterest. Do you have any ideas to share?

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