Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Cats

I love Halloween crafts and despite our busy October, I hope we get a chance to do several this year. 

For this craft, we decided to dig into our endless supply of empty cardboard tubes and made Halloween black cats.

Supplies Needed:
Empty cardboard tubes
Black paint
Googly eyes
Tri-beads (or something for the nose)
Pipe cleaners cut into small pieces

Before painting, I folded in the tops of the tubes to make ears. You can use the above picture for a guide. There is no need to glue, tape, or secure in any way. Once folded, it will stay this way.

Now it's time to paint! Cover that tube in black paint. If you stick your fingers in the bottom of the tube and hold it that way, you can paint all sides easily. 

After painting, it would probably be best to let the black paint dry completely. We didn't because we were a bit too anxious.

We made the faces using googly eyes, tri-beads, and pipe cleaners. If you don't have these items, look around in your stash for something fun for the faces. Get creative; the possibilities are endless!

We did have a problem with the pipe cleaners slipping off before they dried. So, you may need to hold them on there for awhile. But, once dry, they stick well.

I had plans of using these as a Halloween decoration this year, but the girls thought they were better used as puppets. Their idea was fabulous! It's fun to make our own toys.

Have you started Halloween crafting yet?

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  1. Cute kitties! My kids love kitties, so we will have to try this!


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