Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa Hat Ornaments

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we've officially started Christmas crafting. 

Our first project was these Santa Hat Ornaments. 

They were easy to make and you probably already have all the supplies on hand.

Supplies Needed:
Red card stock or construction paper
Circle template
Tape (not pictured)
Ribbon or string
Cotton balls

To prep this project, trace a circle on the red card stock. I used a bowl from our play kitchen as my template. Search around your house for a circle the size that you want. It shouldn't be hard to find. 

After tracing your circle, draw a line from the center to the outside edge. 

Then you will need to cut out your circle and cut the line from the edge to the center.

Once your circle is cut out, you will want to form it into a cone. 

Before forming into the cone, tape the ends of your ribbon inside the hat so that the loop will stick out the top. 

Tape the edges of the paper securely to hold the cone shape.

Pull your cotton balls apart so they are nice and fluffy. 

Apply a line of glue around the bottom of your hat and also around the tip. Apply your cotton fluff to the glue.

Ta-da! Now, you're done with your ornament. Once the glue is dry, you can hang your Santa hats on your Christmas tree.

What Christmas crafts are you planning on doing this year?

For more Christmas crafts for kids, please follow my Kid's Christmas Ideas board:

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  1. I am totally going to do this with my kids! Only I'm going to have to have my husband do the pulling of the cotton balls. Just read that description gave me the chills. I don't know why, but I can't do a lot of handling of cotton. If it gets stuck in my fingernails or it rips apart, I just get shivers down my back lol. I'm so weird!

  2. This is such a great and cute idea - I have pinned it.


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